Harris County DWI Attorney

What to do if you receive a DWI in Harris County TexasIf you need a Houston DWI Attorney, Ronnie Yeates is the attorney for you. DWI arrests are stressful. Many people arrested for a first DWI are experiencing their first time with the criminal justice system. It is stressful. If you are concerned about the possible penalties, you must have a successful and experienced attorney to represent you in any DWI case. Trust Ronnie Yeates to fight to do everything possible to win your case. Ronnie Yeates has over 25 years of experience in criminal matters, with over 20 as a criminal attorney. He has a wide range of experience dealing with cases from traffic tickets to murder. 

This is where it starts. During a traffic stop, police almost always ask drivers if they have consumed alcohol. You don't have to answer. Most motorists will respond with something like "just one or two," which is often an underestimation about how much they drank. They won't stop there if they see other signs and think you are intoxicated. Most cops will want to continue investigating after receiving confirmation you have been drinking, regardless of the amount. If the police have probable cause to believe your car contains incriminating evidence, they can search it without a warrant. An officer might notice or smell something during a DWI investigation, causing them to suspect the car contains drugs. If this is the case, police might be justified in searching the car's interior, trunk, glovebox, and other closed containers, such as backpacks. Driver consent is another reason to search your car. If you permit the police to search your car, they can…and will. 

Harris County DWI Attorney

Harris County DWI Attorney Ronnie YeatesA PBT device (also known as a portable breath test) is a handheld device police use to determine a driver's breath alcohol content. These devices can allow police to estimate a driver's BAC quickly and easily. The results of a PBT are not as reliable as breath or blood tests performed at a hospital or police station. A PBT test is not admissible as evidence for trial, but rather, it is another clue officers use to determine whether there is probable cause to make a DWI arrest. If the police believe there's probable cause to arrest for impaired driving, you will be cuffed and taken to the local police station or jail. Police usually confiscate your driver's license when you are arrested for DWI and give you temporary paper driving permits. The temporary permit lasts for 40 days or until there is a negative finding at the Administrative License Hearing, whichever is later. You will be cited and booked by the police at the jail. You will usually remain in jail until bail is posted or a judge frees you on your "personal recognizance." If you were detained on Friday and weren't bailed out, you can spend the weekend in jail. If you need a DWI attorney in Houston, Ronnie Yeates is the one for you. He will stand by you and fight the charge every step of the way. 

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