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What to Expect in a Harris County DWI

The officer who arrested you claimed that he had reasonable suspicion to pull you over. He administered a sobriety check, read you your rights and then placed you in handcuffs. You were most likely requested to submit a chemical sample through a breath or Breathalyzer test once you arrived at the station. After everything was said and done you will be placed in a cell until you pay bail or are taken to court. Pay attention to details during your arrest. You can avoid getting a DWI in Texas by looking for errors in this stage. If you’re in Harris County and you find yourself pulled over for a DWI, call Ronnie Yeates. Ronnie has been in the law industry for over 30 years. He has a wide variety of experience working with cases from small tickets to felony charges. You can trust that he will fight to overturn your case. Happy black businessman enjoying while driving a car.

A judge will read through the charges against you at your arraignment hearing and ask you to plead guilty or not guilty. Your plea will determine when your next court date is set. Despite how tempting it may be to forget about this, you should not plead guilty until you have spoken with an attorney. DWI convictions can cause problems in everything, from getting future employment opportunities to renting a house to securing a rental agreement. If you have the right legal team, you can still dismiss DWI in Texas even if you're guilty. Except in exceptional circumstances, you have the right to have a bail set within 48 hours after your arrest. The bail would be determined based on your criminal history, the status of your charges (felony or misdemeanor), whether any person was injured or killed, as well as any connections you have within your community. Before you are released, the judge might also place conditions, such as an ignition interlock. You can bring your DWI lawyer, who is board certified, to the hearing if you are unsure about the requirements of your bond.

Can you refuse blood or breath test in Harris County?

If you refused to take a blood or breath test, had a BAC of >0.08% while driving a non-commercial motor vehicle, or a BAC of 0.04% while driving a commercial motor vehicle, your license is at risk for suspension/disqualification. Within 15 days of the date that the suspension notice was served, you must request an ALR hearing. Your license will be suspended 40 days from the date that you were served notice. After laying out the charges against you, the judge will give you the chance to plead guilty or not guilty. Your case will proceed to trial if you plead not guilty at the plea hearing. If you are found Not Guilty, your case will move to trial. You will be sentenced if you plead guilty. The DWI charge will remain on your criminal record. This charge can't be erased and will remain on your criminal record. Save yourself the embarrassment and hire a DWI defense lawyer to fight the charges against you. If you’re charged with a DWI, make sure to call Ronnie Yeates. He will use all available resources to overturn your case.