Ronnie Yeates Montgomery County DWI Attorney

Texas takes Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) very seriously. Anyone facing such charges should immediately seek strong legal representation. DWI convictions can result in jail time, mandatory license suspension, and possible fines. It may also carry a prison sentence in some cases. Being accused of a DWI is no joke. If you're being charged with a DWI in Montgomery County, you should contact Ronnie Yeates. Ronnie is an experienced Montgomery DWI attorney who is a criminal trial attorney with more than 20 years of experience.

Driving while intoxicated in Montgomery County (DWI) is a serious crime. Montgomery County is one of the toughest counties in the Country for prosecuting DWI offenses. Law Enforcement in Montgomery County is more aggressive in searching for DWI drivers. For this reason, police will use any legal basis to pull you over for a traffic violation. They can also ask about your drinking habits or if you are under the influence of drugs. The police will ask you to perform field sobriety checks and to submit to a breath or blood test. DWI officers may request a search warrant for your blood to obtain a blood sample. This is the new reality. If you are charged with DWI for the first or second time or have had prior DWI arrests, it is crucial to get an aggressive DWI attorney. Ronnie Yeates is that DWI attorney. The system is designed to work against people believed to be driving while intoxicated. Police rush to judge in their investigations. Jurors are naturally inclined to believe the police's testimony. People who are otherwise law-abiding but find themselves in an unfortunate situation of being arrested for DWI will often try to negotiate a plea bargain to avoid the worst and get back to their lives.Young attractive woman sitting on car seat and fastening seat belt, car safety concept. Photo of beautiful young woman fastens a seat belt in the car - outdoors. Brown hair woman fastening seat belt in the car, safety concept. Business lady, Caucasian woman driver fastening car seat belt while sitting behind the wheel car. Safe driving concept. Selective focus, copy space

A DWI conviction can have serious collateral consequences, especially if it's a felony. You will face the usual consequences of a DWI or criminal conviction, including incarceration, severe fines, and suspension of your driver's license. These consequences can have a profound reverberating impact on your life. A conviction will go on your criminal record. For many convictions, like DWI, the record cannot be expunged. Your criminal history will be revealed in future background checks. You can become frustrated and have potential setbacks in your life. If you are convicted of a felony, you will lose your civil rights to possess and use a firearm or to vote.
Dealing with a DWI charge in court is stressful. You want an aggressive and skilled DWI attorney to represent you. As a criminal trial lawyer, Ronnie Yeates has dealt with many different DWI cases for more than two decades. You can trust he will fight for you.