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Any charge which can suspend your driver's license can have long term, serious impacts on your ability to provide for your family and your ability to work. Ronnie has worked on all levels of offenses in a wide range of jurisdictions from JP Court to District Court. He knows the…
Montgomery County, Texas DWI Lawyer Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense. Even if it is your first offense, DWI in Conroe, Montgomery or Harris Counties can be very serious. DWI cases have serious consequences for your life. It is crucial to fight the suspension of your driver's license, to assert your constitutional…
  Anyone convicted of DWI in Texas faces severe criminal and civil penalties.  Even for a first offense DWI, you could face 180 days in jail and a maximum $2,000 fine.  A skilled and aggressive Texas DWI attorney can help you avoid possible fines and jail time.  However, it is possible that…
Ronnie has practiced criminal law since being admitted to the bar in 2001. For almost 17 years Ronnie represented the state of Texas in thousands of Class C offenses in multiple Justice Courts, more than 13 thousand criminal cases in County Courts at Law, and many more serious Felony cases…
What's a DWI in Montgomery County, Texas? Texas defines Driving While Intoxicated as operating a motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated. A public place could be a roadway, a lake, river, highway, or any public place. Intoxication is the most controversial issue in DWI cases. Ronnie Yeates is adept…
As an Assistant District Attorney in Grimes County, Ronnie reviewed hundreds of Occupational Licenses in both the Justice Courts and the County Court at Law. WIth many years of experience in reviewing, editing, and advising on the proper and improper requirements, he knows what is needed to get you back…
Over more than 20 years, Ronnie has seen the impact of charges on people. As a prosecutor, he worked with defense attorney’s and reviewed many, many expunctions and non disclosures. Now, as a Defense Attorney himself, he works hard and diligently to advise clients of their rights to have charges…
Ronnie is an avid shooter and collector of firearms, including Title II, or National Firearms Act Weapons...such as silencers, short barreled rifles and shotguns, and machine guns. Ronnie is also a licensed firearms dealer and manufacturer (Type 07/02) and has been advising clients on firearms purchasing and ownership and preparing…
Should I blow in Harris County DWI Stop? If you are arrested for DWI and refuse to give a breath or blood sample (known as a "refusal") or provide a sample higher than the legal limit of.08 (known as a "failure"), the Department of Public Safety may suspend your driving…

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Jeff R.

I had a horrible experience with my paid lawyer and was then given a court appointed lawyer and was super worried that the process would be stretched out as long as possible. I was scheduled for a court hearing for mid April and Mr. Yeates was able to get my date moved up more then a month in advanced. As well, he was able to get my charges from a felony to a simple misdemeanor without even the whole experience costing me a dime. Will definitely be having him on a retainer in the future for anything I may have to come across in the future. Thank you Mr. Yeates for getting me home to my wife and my family. Your one of the best I have had the pleasure of representing me in the legal system. Your years of experience as well as your background gives you no bounds to what you can accomplish when representing a client. Thank you again sir.

-Jeff R.
Kevin B.

Mr. Yeates was assigned to me by the court as a court appointed attorney. I had lost my home, my job, my family and most of all my hope for things to turn around. I didn't put much faith in the system or what was to unfold. Mr. Yeates proved me wrong. He was compassionate to a fault, professional beyond my expectations, understanding and experienced. In short. The court handed me the best person I could have ever asked for. And I didn't have a clue where to start looking. As I mentioned I had lost hope. I was about to lose what little I had left. And Ronnie stepped in and Allowed me to breath. I was able to let him do what he does and stay out of his way. And for that I was rewarded with the absolute best result. I was given Hope again. I started a new lease on life. I started a new business during this terrible time. I was granted a soldier of the law. Someone that took up my fight and freed me to deal with starting over without the burden of the legal system on my back. I started a new business and now have an opportunity to not only succeed more than I could ever dream of. But now I am free to help my family, my friends and others. I hope if you are looking for someone that can help you in the legal field. That you trust my review. I have had several different types of lawyers in the past for different reasons. Ronnie was and is the only one that has impressed me. You will not find a better more professional and .......dare I say........Honest attorney than Ronnie Yeates.

-Kevin B.
Ron E.

Mr. Yeates is someone who you would want to represent you He is highly skilled within the Legal system and has compassion for his peers and the people he represents.

-Ron E.
Ernest M.

He was my lawyer on a case and he got it dismissed. He was a court appointed lawyer.

-Ernest M.
William C.

Mr. Yeates is professional, knowledgeable, and had a genteel manner towards my situation. He was appointed to defend me in my case, and he capably did. Considering the circumstances, he ensured the best possible outcome for my case, and mitigated the potential consequences dramatically. Thank you again Mr. Yeates.

-William C.
Erica. U.

One of the best kindest lawyers you will find!! 100% recommend! Straight to the point and you can tell he genuinely cares.

-Erica. U.
Tameka T.

Ronnie saved my life and my career. The Felony charge I had would have ruined me and he never stopped fighting for me until they were dismissed. He was always available to calm my nerves and kept me informed at every turn. 

-Tameka T.
Ashley K.

Ronnie was a dream. He made my life so much easier, I did not even have to step foot in a court room. He kept constant communication through the entire process, and now less than 6 months later, my case is disposed. You will not be disappointed, I can not thank him enough.

-Ashley K.
Karli S.

During such a stressful time, Mr. Yeates outlined all of my options (even through my hysterics) patiently. He is determined and trustworthy! Went above and beyond. My outcome was better than expected. Thank you Ronnie!

-Karli S.
Mitch R.

I have used Mr Yeates for a recent legal need. From start to finish I was very pleased with how he handled everything. I will be using him again as needed.

-Mitch R.
Matthew D.

Can’t say enough about Ronnie. Absolutely amazing character. Extremely knowledgeable and always prompt on answering questions. He goes above and beyond to help. I recommend him without a doubt.

-Matthew D.
Jennifer G.

He was wonderful. We had an attorney before him who did not even listen to our side of the story. Thanks to Ronnie not only did he listen but the charges were dismissed. Would recommend him to anyone.

-Jennifer G.